The Fusion Guitar Story

Dave Auld creator of the Fusion Guitar tells us its story.

This version had more built-in smarts for recording and playing backing tracks, plus it was louder! 

Awesome iOS music making apps!

Guitar apps give ultra-realistic simulations of famous amplifiers and stomp-box effects. They also offer recording, looping and jam backing tracks. There are also great apps for learning new songs or scales and chords. Plus there are now 1,000s of excellent YouTube instructional videos to help you learn quickly. When I discovered iOS music apps I decided to develop the next version of the guitar which would have iPhone and iPod integration, this became the Fusion Guitar.

The guitar has a built in 20W amp and speakers, powered by rechargeable lithium Ion batteries.

It comes with 4 device docks which cover most iPhones and iPods with lightning connectors: iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, 6 Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus and iPod Touch Gen 5 and 6.

A new dock for iPhone X will be available soon. When Apple update the iPhone or iPod we will supply a dock to suit those new devices.

See the Fusion's Specs 

The Fusion's not trying to be in competition with traditional guitars like a Strat or a Les Paul. I have a PRS and a valve amp and I love that set-up, but I can’t easily take it to the beach or on vacation and it takes time to setup. With the Fusion your guitar, amps and effects are there wherever and whenever you need them. It is even a portable recording studio.  As a player myself the most important aspect of the Fusion is the quality of the guitar. We believe we’ve produced a high quality instrument which is even used by many professionals.

The neck is a modern oval C-profile similar to current Fenders and the medium jumbo frets are well finished. The pickups are high quality humbuckers. The bridge pickup has a split coil operated by a push-pull switch on the pickup volume control.

What people are saying

 There are now hundreds of players using their Fusion Guitars every day.  We designed the guitar with the musician in mind and now players all over the world love using their Fusions!



"The Fusion Guitar is a piece of the future, and we here at GP love it.

I love what this guitar can do. I love all of the tonal possibilities and the portability. I love that it’s kind of a toy concept that evolved into something pro and working guitarists can use to create music. I just simply love this guitar. Long live technology!"

Kevin Aparicio – Guitar Player Magazine

"With its built-in amplifier and speakers combined with a dock that accommodates various Apple iPhone or iPod Touch iOS devices, the Fusion Guitar makes using app-based rigs as easy and convenient as playing an acoustic guitar."

Chris Gill - Guitar World

The Fusion Community

See how everyday players user their Fusion Guitar.

“I've probably played more guitar in the last three days than I've played in the last year or so, because it's been so hard to put the thing down.”  - Nigel W.
“I’ve been playing my Fusion Guitar non-stop and after not playing for many years it's all coming back to me. Let me say once again that the Fusion Guitar is fantastic in every way” - Andy P.
 “A dream came true.. this guitar proved to be a high-quality musical instrument with infinite potential for all genres of music!” - Perseas K.

Fusion Guitar - Maple

The world’s most versatile electric guitar with built-in amp, speakers and iPhone / iPod integration. Full-scale Canadian maple neck with maple fretboard.

Lifetime Support 

30 Day Return Period

Fast Shipping



Fusion Guitar - Rosewood

The world’s most versatile electric guitar with built-in amp, speakers and iPhone / iPod integration. Full-scale Canadian maple neck with rosewood fretboard.

Lifetime Support 

30 Day Return Period

Fast Shipping