Don't Worry, Be 'Appy - A Guide To Apps For The Fusion Guitar

The technological advancements seen in smartphones over the past decade have been a blessing for musicians. No longer constrained to the confines of a computer, songwriters and composers now have a pocket-sized audio interface that ensures creative freedom anytime, anywhere. This is where the Fusion Guitar comes into the picture, taking the convenience and versatility of smartphone music creation apps and integrating them directly into an all-in-one guitar setup.

However, with all of this freedom to play and experiment, where do you start? Today, we’re going to go into a few of our favourite guitar apps that work seamlessly with the Fusion Guitar. So, without further adieu, let’s get into our guide to guitar apps!

JamUp Pro

Jam Up Pro Guitar App

If you’re reading a guide to guitar apps, we can assume that you’re looking for apps that will specifically provide you with an excellent guitar experience. If so, then JamUp Pro is the app for you. While not offering the synthesisers and beat-making capabilities of apps like GarageBand, JamUp Pro is a perfect option for those that just want an excellent array of guitar tones and pedals.

Jam Up Pro Guitar App - Amp View

Lauded for its faithfulness to its real-world amp and pedal equivalents, there are few programs that can match JamUp Pro in regards to tone authenticity. Plus, the wide selection of amps and pedals, as well as a lot of room for customisation, gives you the power to build complex, unique sounds right from your smartphone. The app also provides you with an 8-track recorder and looping sampler, so if you want to record demos and scratch tracks, you can do so right from the app. This, coupled with its live mode and latency-free playing, makes JamUp Pro a must-have for guitarists on the go, especially if you’re playing with the Fusion Guitar.


AnyTune Pro +

AnyTune Pro +

One of the under-appreciated benefits of having a guitar setup in your pocket at all times is that it makes practising much more convenient. If you’re someone who is new to guitar, or are just looking for an easy way to stay brushed up on the fundamentals, AnyTune Pro + is a great choice. This app is fantastic for playing along with songs, allowing you to slow down sections and pick out single notes to really break down the learning process. Better yet, AnyTune Pro + enables you to play with your own music, and can also seamlessly sync with iTunes. It may not have the amps and pedals of JamUp Pro, but if you just want to perfect your covers and pick up some new guitar skills along the way, this currently-free app is invaluable.



Those that have dabbled with music production may recognise the name AmpliTube. This is because it has been used for quite some time as a powerful guitar and bass tone studio for Mac and PC, offering seamless integration with a variety of well-known DAWs. I bring this up to show that AmpliTube has a proven track record of hyper-realistic, customisable guitar tones, and the fact that this is now available as a smartphone app is very exciting.

AmpliTube - Amp View

Users can customise their virtual amp to an almost ridiculous degree, with options spanning from virtual microphone positioning to changing each individual speaker. This is an excellent choice for guitarists that have a very specific idea in mind of how they want things to sound, and while many of the options available will be irrelevant for most casual players, that doesn’t make them any less fun to play with.




This is a very brief guide to guitar apps, and there are a number of great picks that we can’t get to here. For more Fusion-approved guitar apps, you can check out our Apps page. Alternatively, we’ve also published full rundowns of apps like Garageband on our Blog. To learn more about how a Fusion Guitar can take your playing to the next level, contact us today!