Fusion Guitar vs. Electric Guitar


Asking which is the best electric guitar is always going to be a matter of subjectivity and preference. With a near-infinite amount of styles and varieties to choose from, everyone has their own road to take when it comes to finding the instrument that is right for them.

At Fusion Guitars, we have spent years trying to create the ultimate smart guitar, fusing seamless iPhone integration and a high-quality built-in amplifier into a performance-grade guitar that is perfect for practically any playing style. So, how does the Fusion Guitar compare to its more traditional electric counterparts?


Even the best electric guitar on the market can’t really do too much without the equipment to go with it. To achieve your ideal sound, you’ll need an amplifier, leads, cables, and effects pedals. This plethora of required tech can quickly add up, both in price and the amount of space that it takes up, and that’s not even getting into the mess and clutter that comes with having an overabundance of cables spread throughout your performance space.

At Fusion Guitars, we strove to eliminate the need for all of these extra additions, creating an all-in-one guitar that can be played on its own. No cords, no bulky amps, just a simple, streamlined guitar that will provide you with all of the sounds you need straight from the comfort of your smartphone.


Finding the best electric guitar tone and sound for your music takes a lot of experimentation, and that means spending a lot of money buying different pedals. A high-quality pedal can cost upwards of $200, and if it can’t produce the sound you need, it either means going back to the store and trying again or settling with what you’ve got.

Thanks to the Fusion Guitar’s iPhone-integration capabilities, you have practically any effect you could need at the touch of a screen, all for the low price of absolutely free. The Fusion Guitar works with all major music apps, including Garageband, meaning you have an enormous selection of customisable sounds and tones to choose from without having to buy a thing.


Unless you happen to be playing an unamplified acoustic guitar, the amount of cumbersome tech and electrical equipment that you need to cart with you for even the smallest of performances can be overwhelming. From mixing consoles to effects to speakers, so many things have to come together before you can even play a note. Plus, those who don’t have access to reliable transportation are essentially out of luck.

As an all-in-one setup, the Fusion Guitar is essentially the best electric guitar for guitarists on-the-go. No more lugging amps or having to deal with faulty wiring moments before a performance, the Fusion Guitar allows you to simply switch on your instrument and play to your heart’s content.


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