Fusion Stories - From Vintage Gear to The Fusion Guitar

We've started a series of posts entitled #fusionstories where we give Fusion owners an opportunity to share their stories and talk about where the Fusion Guitar will take them!

We're kicking off our series with an early crowdfunding supporter, professional musician and a guitarist of over 48 years, David Hinds.

David Hinds With The Fusion

David was inspired from an early age to play the electric guitar from 70s era blues and rock 'n' roll, yet it wasn't until Dave heard Eric Clapton's Solo in Crossroads - Live at the Fillmore that he had his "wow' moment and was moved to play the electric. Never hearing anything like it before, David remembers saying at the time "This is what I want to do, I want to play electric guitar for the rest of my life."


David has never looked back, dedicating his life to playing blues and classic rock with a career spanning decades touring and playing with bands such as the 70s band Finch and more recently playing alongside his wife Lyn in the Bounty Hunters. With recording music professionally, David has enjoyed a successful career spanning over 48 years, a number of albums and a huge variety of guitars that he has never put down!

Dave has loved his vintage gear, owning a variety of Fender, early Gibsons and custom build guitars. When he met the Fusion Guitar he was immediately interested in the wide variety of digital effects that the Fusion takes advantage of and joined our crowd funding campaign.

He loves how the Fusion combines everything you would expect out of a traditional electric guitar and builds innovation out of this aspect, resulting in what he calls "a great innovation of the evolution of the Electric Guitar." Now recently receiving his first Fusion, David says that it really delivers, mentioning that "today's guitar players have so many options available to them in the digital world." Dave also comments that a lot of guitarists are not able to explore new methods, genres or styles because of the limitations of their hardware, and is excited about the Fusion as it provides instant access to new effects and tones for guitarists to really explore and find their style. The Fusion really harnesses the power of apps like Amplitube in one package offering guitarists the ability to jam and explore on the go like never before.

Dave is still touring with the Bounty Hunters, and because of this, he has a lot of downtime in hotels, the tour van and between gigs. Dave can't wait to take the Fusion with him for when he tours next, saying that "a lot of the time we're coming up with new stuff during our travels, the Fusion will allow me to record these moments quickly, jam with the band and give me the freedom to explore my style wherever I am."

Dave says that the Fusion is now "worth the wait" and he can't wait to write his next big hit on the road! 

Got a Fusion Story? Tell us! 


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