Rocking Around The Christmas Tree With A Fusion Guitar

The holiday season is about bringing people together and experiencing life through a lens of whimsy and wonder. We gather with friends and family, we reconnect with those that we don’t get the chance to see often enough, and we try to spread a feeling of cheer within our homes. That sense of cohesion is something Christmas and music share. Music is a powerful force for collaboration that is perfect for bringing people from all walks of life together as a unified force to share creativity and sounds.

When we think of Christmas and music, we’re likely to have a list of classic holiday songs that make us feel that festive spirit, but it goes deeper than that. Today, we’re going to take a look at why playing music together is the perfect way to experience Christmas this holiday season.

The Science Supports It

Sitting around the Christmas tree with a Fusion guitar and a few close friends and relatives is an experience that feels deeply resonant, and that’s because it is. New studies have found that the human brain has certain areas that are dedicated to enjoying and understanding music. Similar studies have also found that music supports and enhances social bonds, which is likely why we have so many musical associations when it comes to big events like Christmas and sports finals.

Music Increases Cooperation and Contact

There’s a special connection that comes with performing music alongside others. People are built to coordinate and collaborate, so when we do decide to sync our brainwaves and come together in that way, our brains are flooded with endorphins. Playing music together makes us feel safe and connected to those around us (here’s another rather dry study if you want proof of that).

With the Fusion guitar, you can play wherever and whenever the mood takes you, allowing you to create and collaborate with other musicians any time the chance arises. Plus, unlike traditional electric guitars, the Fusion guitar doesn’t require a bunch of wires and speakers to be strewn across your living room when you want to play.

Music Helps Us to Empathise

An enormous part of the Christmas spirit is trying to understand and empathise with the people you love, and what better way to do that than with music? Music helps us to understand the thoughts and emotions of others, whilst also allowing us to more accurately predict their behaviour. Music is a connection, a gateway into understanding others, and that’s something a lot of people really need during the holidays.

It’s the Perfect Gift

Music is something we all share; a force that is built into our very nature as human beings, and the sharing of music is something everyone can enjoy. Whether that means performing for/with friends & family, or even buying someone their very own Fusion guitar, providing someone you care about with the gift of music is a present that can last a lifetime.

Thinking of getting a Fusion guitar for yourself or a loved one? Check out our features page, or contact us today to learn more. For everyone else, we at Fusion Guitars hope you’ve had a wonderful year, and are looking forward to everything the next decade will bring. Happy holidays!