Ultimate Guitar Pro - A Learner’s Lifeline

Apps like Ultimate Guitar Pro have changed the way that people go about learning instruments. Claiming a library of over 1,100,000 songs, Ultimate Guitar has been known for over two decades as a haven for guitarists to learn their favourite songs, improve their technique and connect with other musicians. So, naturally, when Ultimate Guitar Pro came out and provided an even more robust list of features and perks, it was an immediate hit.

ultimate guitar pro app

For those that have been thinking about picking up a guitar for the first time, or those who simply want to brush up on their skills, let’s take a quick look at what makes Ultimate Guitar Pro such a unique and versatile app.

First Thing’s First: What is Ultimate Guitar?

Since 1998, any guitarist that has taken it upon themselves to hunt the internet for tabs and chords has inevitably stumbled across Ultimate Guitar at one point or another. As the internet’s leading resource for guitar tabs, it provides guitarists, as well as bassists, pianists, ukulele players, etc. with the tools they need to learn and develop their skills.

With that said, one of Ultimate Guitar’s most defining features has always been power tabs, which offer a more interactive approach to learning by allowing users to hear and manipulate the areas they’re struggling with. This is the functionality that was expanded on and improved as Ultimate Guitar Pro was developed.

The Benefits of Ultimate Guitar Pro

With over 250,000 interactive tabs, Ultimate Guitar Pro really lives up to its name, especially when paired with the Fusion Guitar. The app’s playback function allows you to hear what you are playing as you’re playing it, and that includes far more than just guitar parts. The layout of each song is reminiscent of a recording interface, with each instrument in the song separated, providing you with the ability to mute parts, change levels, slow areas down, and really dig into what makes the composition work.


As you may have guessed, this means that Ultimate Guitar Pro isn’t just for learning guitar, and can be used to develop your skills with other instruments too. However, for those that are looking to pair the app with their Fusion Guitar, the ease and control offered by real-time playback works seamlessly with the Fusion built-in speaker system. This means that Ultimate Guitar Pro can also be used as a backing track as you learn and develop your sound.

Smartphones have allowed musicians a wide array of platforms and tools to support their learning journey. For those that are looking for a way to seamlessly integrate the power of their iPhone into their playing, check out the Fusion Guitar today. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more, then feel free to visit our FAQ for more information.