Getting awesome guitar tone feels great, right?
Trying to get it out of your guitar doesn’t.



What I mean is, finding that awesome sound can take more than an hour; dusting off the old pedal board, setting up the amp, tuning your guitar up, tweaking the feedback levels, dealing with hiss and adjusting noise gates.

We’ve all been there - Setting up to play guitar can take so much time that we don’t have…. That’s why we designed the Fusion from the ground up with tone as our #1 priority.

So, Let’s dive into how we did it.

First off we looked at body construction. Did you know that the Fusion’s neck is also its body? It’s a straight through construction, allowing for all of that natural resonation and tone to be uninterrupted.

When we looked at the pickups, we asked the question - how can we capture all this natural tone?  With versatility in mind, we decided to provide two awesome noise cancelling humbuckers, with a split coil switch on the hotrail, giving you both the screaming, sharp and jangly tone of a strat, while also providing the fullness and depth of an SG or Les Paul.

See Paul Riario from Ultimate Guitar put the Fusion through its paces.


But the real breakthrough for us was the Fusion’s 20 watt and high output speaker setup. We’ve pushed the limits by integrating a US designed ultra-efficient 20 Watt Class-D amplifier module with low noise (-90dB) and low distortion (THD+N = 0.1%) with two Tymphany Peerless full range speakers coupled and one high frequency tweeter.

We then added a breakthrough system to isolate vibration and feedback between the pickups and speakers while retaining the true tone of the guitar.

But where the Fusion is really set apart is the super realistic digital effects delivered by the world’s best guitar apps.

Check out how realistic guitar amp and effects simulations can be with this AmpliTube comparison video.